Replacement monitor.  LCD displays for industrial CNC control

No display, dim screen or out of focus CRT monitor? At Omi we have a solution for you, LCD and CRT replacement or exchange monitors for industrial CNC control.

CRT replacement/exchange monitor for your old CRT screen

The cathode ray tube (CRT) is no longer being produced so stocks of tubes for CRT monitor repair are rapidly becoming depleted, many are already no longer available.  While stocks last, for customer that prefer to stay with a CRT monitor we can replace their CRT or custom convert a replacement CRT monitor as a replacement for their OEM display.

LCD replacement/exchange monitor for your old CRT screen

If you think it's time to upgrade, exchange to an LCD flat panel monitor display. Now we can retrofit your old CRT monitor case with a new LCD flat panel monitor display. From our new range of LCD panels, we're able to replace/exchange most all industrial CNC CRT monitors. Our replacement industrial LCD monitor displays are new, come with a full years warranty and cost only £550 + carriage and vat when sold as a self fit kit.  If you prefer, send us your old CRT monitor and for an extra £250 + vat we can fit a new LCD monitor at our workshop and return it to you all ready to plug in and go. OEM LCD replacement monitor displays typically cost £1000s

OEM = original equipment manufacturer

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ABA AC Acana Accele Accuvue Acer Aci Acorn ACR Kern Acrontech ACS Action Actkern ADDS ADI ADLXS Advance Advantech Advent AESO AGFA Aires AIWA AJP Akai Akhter Aladdin Allen Bradley Alcaatel ALFA Aloka Alpha Romeo Alphameric Altrasonic Amaga Amega Amstrad Amdek Amilo Amtran Anbonn Anders Anilam AOC APC Apple Cinema Display Applevision Applied Instruments Apricot Arburg Arche Archos Archtec Arcus Aries Artessyn Aschen ASEM Aspen AST AT&T Atari Atec ATM Audio Image Audiovox Austin AV4U AVIX Axion Aydin Aztel