Inverter Repair
LCD screen inverters
The inverter in LCD monitors and laptop screens is used to produce the high voltage necessary to drive the cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL). Due to the stress imposed on these inverters, they are one of the more common parts that fail in LCD monitors and laptops screens. Although we keep our repair charge to a level that makes a repair economical, carriage costs can be high due to the weight of monitors and laptops. Customers who wish to remove their inverter board can send them to us for repair, saving considerably on carriage costs. There are however, several important things that we ask our customers to be aware of before removing their inverter for repair.
The common symptoms of a faulty inverter are:
  • Unit powers on but the screen does not light up.
  • Unit powers on and the screen lights up but then goes off again.
  • Screen is darker at the top or bottom.
Although the above symptoms are typical of a faulty inverter, a faulty power supply, CCFL, or A/D board can produce the same symptoms. Due to the time taken to thoroughly test inverters that we receive for repair, any inverter that proves not to be faulty, will be charged the full FPR. It's also possible that an inverter could have been damaged by a faulty CCFL. If any faulty CCFL is not replaced before refitting the repaired inverter, in time, the inverter will fail again. In this case the inverter would not be covered by our warranty.

If you're not sure if it's the inverter that's faulty we recommend that you send the whole unit into us for repair. We will then repair and check it thoroughly and you will have the assurance of our repair warranty.
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