Fixed Price Explained
After thousands of monitor repairs, and over a decade of servicing and billing information stored on our service management software, we’re able to generate very accurate repair pricing information. It’s this information that we use to calculate our Fixed Price Repair (FPR). To our customers, the FPR indicates the price we will charge excluding VAT for repairing their monitor and includes most parts and labour. If, in the unlikely event, we’re unable to repair your monitor, there is no fee.

If, in our professional opinion, we feel that a repair of a customer's monitor would be uneconomical or unreliable we would advise them before the repair is completed. At this point the customer will be given the option to decline the repair and pay nothing. Although we repair better than 95% of monitors within our FPR, there are occasions when this is not possible. This is usually due to failure of an expensive part, e.g. Line Output Transformer (LOPT), Tube or TFT panel. For customers that prefer to keep within the FPR we can often replace these parts using salvage stock, which in very few cases may incur a small additional cost. Alternatively, customer's will be provided with an "estimate" to supply and fit new parts prior to completion of the repair. At all times customers have the choice on how they want their repair to proceed. With the reassurance of our "no fix no fee" policy. Any unit we receive for repair, that does not show the fault reported by the customer, we will thoroughly test using all available inputs. It will be hot and cold tested then soaked tested for the maximum time available. Most units are repaired in hours, the time devoted to non fault unit is measured in days, or even weeks. For this reason, any unit that shows not to be faulty, will be charged the FPR. However, as it has been charged, your unit will be covered under warranty should the fault reoccur within the warranty period.
Listed below is a sample of monitors already serviced
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ABA AC Acana Accele Accuvue Acer Aci Acorn ACR Kern Acrontech ACS Action Actkern ADDS ADI ADLXS Advance Advantech Advent AESO AGFA Aires AIWA AJP Akai Akhter Aladdin Allen Bradley Alcaatel ALFA Aloka Alpha Romeo Alphameric Altrasonic Amaga Amega Amstrad Amdek Amilo Amtran Anbonn Anders Anilam AOC APC Apple Cinema Display Applevision Applied Instruments Apricot Arburg Arche Archos Archtec Arcus Aries Artessyn Aschen ASEM Aspen AST AT&T Atari Atec ATM Audio Image Audiovox Austin AV4U AVIX Axion Aydin Aztel