Company Profile
Omi Monitor Services is an independent maintenance company specialising in component level repair to all makes of Monitors, Graphic Displays and Terminals. We repair CRT monitors, LCD - TFT flat panel monitors, Laptop screens, Inverter boards and touch screen monitors ELO 3M Microtouch etc. With over 35 years expertise in monitor repair, we provide an excellent service to many customers including private individuals, high street stores, commercial organisations, government establishments, monitor manufacturers and other monitor repair centres.
Monitor Repairs
Should you need a repair to your monitor you'll need to consider the following. Generally the best repair is obtained from the monitor manufacturer, however, they are expensive and in some cases more interested in you purchasing a new monitor from them than repairing yours. Alternatively you may consider a third party repair centre; here they often repair all kinds of equipment: printers, computers, monitors, etc. Having general skills and not specialising they often only repair the simplest of faults considering the remainder to be un-repairable or beyond economical repair (BER).
"Omi Monitor Services offers an excellent value for money, personal service"
Our workshop facilities and spares are built to cater for monitor repairs only. Our engineers are highly competent with many years experience specialising in monitor repairs. We regularly repair monitors for customers’ that have previously been marked as scrap or BER by another repair centre.
We boast a warranty failure rate of less than 2% and an average repair turnaround of 5 days. Figures provided by Vantage Workshop Manager. Why not try us, you have nothing to lose with our “no repair no fee” policy.
Using a bespoke workshop management system supplied by Vantage Computing Ltd we are able to keep full tracking of our customers equipment from receipt through the workshop to invoicing and back to our customer. Keeping full history of customer's repairs and tracking accountability of suppliers and parts.
Worldwide efforts are needed to reduce the environmental damage caused by redundant, faulty and discarded computer equipment. The short lifetime of today's IT equipment leads to mountains of waste.
Environmentally, repairing of monitors saves on the energy and materials used in making new ones. Users should think carefully about whether they really need to buy a new monitor.
As many monitor manufacturers now consider computer monitors to be a consumable item, spare parts are not made available. At Omi we repair to component level so we don't rely on replacement boards from the manufacturer. Using readily available components and salvaged parts we are able to repair better than 90% of monitors sent to us for repair. That's at least 90 out of every 100 monitors sent to us for repair saved from the scrapheap. Of the remaining monitors, those that are left by our customers are stripped for any reusable parts leaving very little to waste. This is good news for our environment, and for our customers it's a repair at a fraction of the price of a new monitor.
Listed below is a sample of monitors already serviced
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ABA AC Acana Accele Accuvue Acer Aci Acorn ACR Kern Acrontech ACS Action Actkern ADDS ADI ADLXS Advance Advantech Advent AESO AGFA Aires AIWA AJP Akai Akhter Aladdin Allen Bradley Alcaatel ALFA Aloka Alpha Romeo Alphameric Altrasonic Amaga Amega Amstrad Amdek Amilo Amtran Anbonn Anders Anilam AOC APC Apple Cinema Display Applevision Applied Instruments Apricot Arburg Arche Archos Archtec Arcus Aries Artessyn Aschen ASEM Aspen AST AT&T Atari Atec ATM Audio Image Audiovox Austin AV4U AVIX Axion Aydin Aztel